Elect Lev Agranovich
for Newton School Committee

As a Newton resident, owner of a Newton business, and father of a recent Newton graduate, I care about the integrity and management of our Newton educational system. 

My financial experience tells me there are budget savings without sacrificing teacher salaries or vital resources.   Newton must be competitive without sacrificing quality.  We should also have appropriate expectations of our children, but be sensitive to the stresses they feel.  This is an area of special concern for me.  

Finally, the injection of political agendas in our classrooms must cease.  As a Jewish émigré, I know what anti-Semitism sounds like and feels like.   Tolerance of any form of racism in a classroom is inexcusable.  

I look forward to working with the other Committee members using my educational, professional, and volunteer experience for the children of Newton.

On November 5, 2019 vote
Lev Agranovich
for Newton School Committee